• CELEBRITY GROWTH CAMPAIGN:We’ll be taking your Instagram past 10-20K real followers using our celebrity campaigns to make you instantly credible in the span of 3-5 days!
  • VIDEO TRAINING SERIES:You’ll get a collection of video training  walking you through growing, maintaining, and monetizing your brand on Instagram.
  • 24/7 SUPPORT + COACHING (PRIVATE COMMUNITY GROUP):You’ll be getting high-level support from our team whenever you run into roadblocks or issues, Live Coaching Calls, Daily Secret Strategies, and a Community Filled With Sharp Like-Minded Individuals. (Tons of networking).
  • MONTHLY ENGAGEMENT:Making sure you have over 700+ likes, 100+ comments by real people, and thousands of views on all your videos! (For a small monthly maintenance fee).

Charlie is the founder and CEO of Rothkopf Enterprise, His positive enthusiastic spirit and desire to achieve a win-win result has helped maintain the longevity and loyalty with his clients and peers who seek his guidance. Above all, Charlie is Characterized by Hustle; Work Ethic, Family values, and a deep-rooted desire to help those around him succeed.